What’s New with Mad Hippie?

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08th Sep
Earth Fare

Facial Oils – Moisturizing, SPF & More!

Tweet Popular culture vilifies oil here in the US, both in skin...

01st Aug
facial oil

What Cleanser to Use with the Clarisonic ?

Tweet What is the best cleanser to use with the Clarisonic ®...

21st Jun
best cleanser for Clarisonic

Vitamin C Oxidation – Stabilizing Vitamin C in Skin Care Solutions

Tweet Vitamin C is a phenomenal antioxidant that offers great benefits for...

15th Jun
vitamin E

Oils for Oily Skin

Tweet Facial oils for oily skin?  As strange as it may sound,...

25th May
sweet orange oil

Antioxidant Facial Oil – The Most Natural Way to Moisturize!

Tweet We are so thrilled with the response to our most recent...

22nd May
facial oil

Pomegranate for the Skin – Benefits of Pomegranate Oil

Tweet Here in the US we love a good buzzword, but does...

31st Mar
pomegranate for the skin

Is Sunscreen Safe?

Tweet You’ve probably heard people talking about how vital it is to...

05th Mar
Is sunscreen safe?

Peptides For the Skin – What Are Peptides & How Do They Work?

Tweet Many people might have heard the word peptide thrown around lately...

01st Mar
peptides for the eyes

New Website!

Tweet You might have noticed, we recently went live with our entirely...

26th Feb
All natural facial care