Peptides in Skin Care

What Are Peptides & How Do They Work in Skin Care Products?

Peptides are really the newest thing in anti-aging skin care, and due to their high cost & complexity, the effective actives are utilized in only the most premium skin care products.

While there are a variety of different peptides used in products, some of the most prominent work in the following ways:


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1. Produce Collagen – Collagen, made up of long strands of amino acids, is really the main building block of skin, giving the skin its smooth, and youthful appearance.  As we age, collagen is lost, and this gives way to aged, wrinkled looking skin.  When the long strands of amino acids in collagen are broken down they create small chains commonly referred to as peptides.  The presence of these peptides signal to the skin that it has lost collagen and the production of more is necessary.

One of the most effective peptides in skin care, Matrixyl 3000, works to mimic the appearance of this broken down collagen, causing your skin to naturally react by producing more collagen.

This particular peptide has been shown in studies to be as effective as retinol at healing wrinkles and skin damage, while lacking the irritation and downtime that is often associated with retinoid products.


2. Strengthen Capillaries & Increase Microcirculation — When it comes to caring for the delicate skin around the eyes, the peptides Regu-Age & Eyeliss work to effectively increase lymphatic drainage and microcirculation by strengthening veins and capillaries, leading to a dramatic reduction in discoloration & swelling around the eyes.  By protecting the integrity of elastin & collagen bundles (two essential elements of the skin), and minimizing the impact of free radical damage, these powerful peptides work to improve skin firmness and elasticity, giving the under eye region a lifting effect, while visibly reducing the appearance of wrinkles.


3. Increase Cellular Communication— The Dermal-Epidermal Juncture (DEJ), responsible for the structural and functional integrity of the skin, begins to lose functionality around the age of 30.  The dual peptide Syn-Tacks interacts with the most relevant proteins at the DEJ to dramatically increase cellular communication on a molecular level while also stimulating the production of Laminin V, Collagen type IV, VII and XVII, and Intergrin.

Resulting in:

• improved structural integrity

• improved epidermal nourishment

• improved molecular communication within the skin

Leading to:

• improved skin compactness

• reduced wrinkles

• increased skin tonicity

• increased skin firmness


4.  Reduce Muscle Contractions –  By inhibiting the firing of the motor neurons under the skin, this genre of peptide found in some skin care products is marketed as reducing muscle contractions under the skin and giving almost a Botox-like effect.  This type of peptide remains somewhat controversial, and more long term & double blind studies need to be conducted in regard to their efficacy with topical use via a serum or cream.  Many question whether the topical application of this form of peptide allows them to fully penetrate deep into the muscles under the skin, where they would need to be absorbed in order to be truly effective.


Peptides have many different benefits when it comes to skin care.  They serve a variety of different purposes and can help address a multitude of different issues with the skin.

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