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  • matrixyl before and after pics
  • Vitamin C and Vitamin A before and after picture
  • before and after pics of HPR
  • Discoloration before and after HPR
  • Mad Hippie user before and after
  • Vitamin C before and after
  • Stem cells before and after pics
  • Vitamin C Serum before and after

* These pictures are examples.  Results will vary from person to person 


All Mad Hippie products have skin rejuvenating benefits.  For those with acne-prone skin, our serums (vit C, vit A & exfoliating serum) are often the best option.


We strive to use only the safest & most effective ingredients available in skin care.  By putting in only the best stuff, and leaving out everything else, you can improve the appearance of your skin without exposing your body to harsh ingredients & preservatives.