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Wondering how to use Mad Hippie products?  Here are some suggestions of our favorite routines!




A.M: Wash with luke warm water and Cream Cleanser, gently pat dry. Apply Hydrating Nutrient Mist to moist skin. Apply Vitamin C Serum. Follow with both creams (face cream, then eye cream) then Antioxidant Facial Oil. Lastly add SPF.

P.M: Start with one of the night time serums (either the Exfoliating Serum or Vitamin A Serum). Follow with both creams and, lastly, the Antioxidant Facial Oil.


facial care




The Skin Brightening Routine: (Mist + Vit C + Exf Serum + Face Cream)

Vitamin C, hesperidin and alpha hydroxy acids work in conjunction to bring forth bright, beautiful skin! Apply Mist to clean skin, followed by Vitamin C, then Face Cream in the morning. At night, after washing, apply Exfoliating Serum followed by Face Cream.


The Skin Firming Routine: (Vit C + Vit A + Face Cream)

Collagen essentials, Vitamin A & Vitamin C, plus Face Cream, rich in peptides, keep skin firm and hydrated. Apply Vitamin C during the day and Vitamin A Serum at night immediately after washing and drying. Follow with Face Cream.


The Free Radical Fighting Daytime Routine: (Mist + Vit C + Facial Oil + SPF)

Fend off sun damage with this simple routine! Vitamin C, pomegranate seed oil plus plenty of antioxidant power to reduce oxidative stress on the skin. Apply Mist. Mix 3 drops of Vitamin C Serum with 3 drops of Antioxidant Facial Oil in hand & massage into skin. Follow with SPF.



PRO TIP :  Always rub products in well to ensure the actives fully penetrate

PRO TIP 2:  If you have skin discoloration, our serums and mist are fantastic.  It is essential one wears a physical blocking sunscreen daily though as discoloration tends to return with sun exposure.

PRO TIP 3: Some 90% of skin aging is a result of sun damage.  Protect your skin daily!